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Safeguarding Courses for International Schools

by Julian

Good afternoon,

I write to you as a teacher working for a well known international school in China.

A friend of mine attended one of the Safeguarding courses you conducted in London and was very impressed. They said the trainer was very good and they thought the course was very thorough and detailed, with a lot of useful information that was easy to understand and implement.

I come from a teaching background in the UK and have been based in China for the last 3 years.

I am interested to learn what courses you have for international schools such as Safeguarding and Child Protection. We would be interested in finding out how we can implement training here based on the same standards that are used for UK schools.

Would you be able to send a trainer to China, or do you have any trainers in China? If not, do you offer online courses, or other types of training?

Kind regards,


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Nov 24, 2015
Safeguarding and Child Protection Training for International Schools
by: Andy Douglas (Development Director)

Dear Julian

Thank you for getting in touch, I am pleased that your friend found our safeguarding training helpful.

In terms of training in China, we provide our courses via Video Conference directly from the UK to the International School abroad. We have found that this method of training works really well and is very cost effective. It saves having to send a trainer around the world.

Our senior trainers link up with schools across Asia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond using our UK video conferencing facility connected through Skype, Skype for Business, Webex and other preferred systems. Schools that we work with just need access to the internet and a computer connected with a webcam via Skype or other video link services.

As an example of this, one of our senior trainers at Graffham Consulting Ltd recently provided Safeguarding and Child Protection for Designated Safeguarding Leads (level 3) for an international school in Beijing via video link up across the internet. It was a real success. Ten staff at the school in Beijing sat around a boardroom table in their training room with a laptop computer and webcam at the end of the room. We connected with them from our UK office via the video link up.

Our senior trainer was based in our UK video conferencing facility and conducted the training course face-to-face with ease as the delegates followed though their workbooks. She was able to see and hear the group in Beijing and they could see and hear her, both with clarity of picture and sound. The team were able to ask questions as the course progressed and interact with our trainer. Everyone felt that our trainer was actually in the room, yet thousands of miles away in the UK.

Our video conferencing systems can connect to most schools and organisations, using Skype, Skype for Business, Webex, Go to Meeting and a full host of other conferencing systems connected through the internet.

A week before the training conference takes place, our IT team makes contact with the international school to make sure that we can get a video link up. The trainer then makes contact with the school head teacher to make the courseware and background material available. In terms of Safeguarding training, information is also gathered regarding local laws and legislation in order for the training to be effective.

Our safeguarding and Prevent Duty courses follow English laws and legislation. We find that international schools across Asia are keen to adopt the UK framework that our courses follow. For them, this is best practice.

As well as providing courses vias video conferencing, many of our courses can be taken via our online training platform.

I hope this helps. We provide a ful range of training courses and should you require further information or a quote, please call our UK office on +44 1992 787242 or email me at andyd@graffhamconsulting.com and we will be delighted to help you.

Kind regards

Andy Douglas
Development Director
Graffham Consulting Ltd

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