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Customer Testimonials for Graffham Consulting Ltd

Our Child Protection courses
are CPD Certified

Graffham Consulting Ltd provide training including Child Protection Courses and services to many leading UK independent and state schools.

Organisations include: BBC, BBC Clubs, St. Paul's School (London), Alleyn's School (London), Royal Ballet School, British Airways Clubs, Government Office for London and the Ministry of Defence.

BBC Clubs
'The trainer was excellent, great communication, knowledge, and explained every detail. The sessions included a lot of useful explanations of issues and topics. The course very much met my expectations, very much value for money.'

'The sessions were very good. The trainer was informative and there was a strong interaction with the students. The venue, refreshments and food were very good and the course was value for money.'

Royal Ballet School
'The trainer was brilliant, I learnt everything I needed to know. I found the day interesting, informative, and very enjoyable. The course surpassed my expectations, I learnt to be more aware and thorough, and to know my responsibilities. The course was definitely value for money.'

Braeside School
The trainer was excellent and I learnt good practical advice on how to proceed. The sessions were very useful and this Child Protection course will enable me to take up my role in September. The course was value for money.'

London Independent Hospital

'The course more than met my expectations, to gain more understanding of the whole realm of child protection. I learnt loads. The sessions were very useful, the trainer was really good and I loved the interaction'

Cranbourne College
'The trainer was very good, explained issues raised and tailored the course to suit the group. The course was value for money and the sessions were very good.'

Glenarm College
'The trainer was excellent, I can't wait to do level 2. All the sessions were useful and I learnt more about Child Protection issues and how to deal with them. The course was value for money.

Government Office for London

'A very useful and interesting course. I learnt how to say no assertively. The trainer was very interesting and patient.' 'I gained advice on being more assertive in work and home life with suggestions on how to be more confident. The trainer and sessions were very good. A very useful training event.'

John Morphett Primary School
'The trainer was excellent and the sessions were very useful. The day met my expectations and the course was value for money. I have leant about the awareness of children and their protection. Thank you very much for all your efforts

Llandovery College
'I now feel more confident as a Child Protection Officer and how to deal with issues. My expectations were met on the day and the sessions were useful. The training was value for money and the trainer was excellent, thank you.'

Ministry of Defence
'A very good course and value for money. T
he trainer and sessions were very good and I have a better understanding of child protection. I'm looking forward to the next stage.'

Notre Dame High School
'An excellent trainer. I found the sessions extremely useful and the venue, refreshments and food were excellent. I learnt an awareness of Child Protection.'

Newbury Hall School
'The trainer was excellent and the sessions were very good and useful. From this Child Protection course, I learnt what to do next.'

The Yellow House School
'The venue, refreshments and food were excellent. The sessions were useful and my expectations of the day were met. I learnt everything I needed. The course was value for money.'

Walthamstow School for Girls

'The course met my expectations and the trainer was helpful. I found the sessions useful.'

Woodlands School (Great Warley)

'Excellent trainer, clear and precise. The sessions were extremely helpful and thorough. From the Child Protection course I learnt about the change in legislation, the procedures we need to go through, our roles, how to recognise signs and the process of reporting.'

Woodlands School (Hutton Manor)

'The trainer was excellent. An enjoyable day with extremely good information. I learnt about Child Protection issues and procedures. The venue and refreshments were excellent!'

London Borough of Waltham Forest
'The course was a confidence builder, the sessions were useful and the trainer was good.'

Pavilion Nursery

'Excellent Trainer. I really did get a lot out of this.'

Step Up
The course was value for money. I am now able to look at long term plans and goals. A very flexible trainer' 'Everything was very good. I know now how to plan and follow up achievements.'

West London YMCA
'The trainer was very good, clear and had time to answer questions. The course was definitely value for money.' 'The trainer was friendly, informative and understanding.'

Young Offenders Rehabilitation Programme

'The trainer was excellent. I learnt about drug identification, the law and user symptoms.'

Forest YMCA

'Very informative: I have a better understanding of being a manager. The trainer knows his stuff & interacts' 'I learnt how to be an assertive manager and new styles of management' "The trainer was excellent and the sessions were very good. Thankyou very much.'

Waltham Forest Children's Fund

'I learnt more about assertiveness; the balance between positive and aggressive behaviour. The trainer was very competent, clear and pleasant.'

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