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Last updated: October 2012

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Why cookies are important to how customers use the website.

As well as many other websites, this website, makes use of cookies. Cookies are portions of information that a website makes a transfer to the cookie file on your computer's starage device (hard disk).

Cookies allow users to navigate within websites and (where necessary) enable us to change the content to fit the particular needs our visitors who have antered the Site as well as help us to improve the user's experience.

With cookies being disabled, we cannot guarantee that the website, content and your experience whilst on the site will be as we intended it to be.

Cookies used on our websites do not collect personally identifiable information about you. and Graffham Consulting Ltd use cookies in the following manner:

  • Cookies are used within our site to protect our clients and prevent fraudulent activity. With cookies being disabled, you will not be able to access this site properly.

  • Cookies are used within the online database that we use, and sign up forms. Without cookies being enabled you will not be able to use the sign up forms and database properly or any of the other products on our site.

  • Cookies are used by third the site's commenting system and third party social network software. Without cookies enabled, these will not work properly and your user experience will be different from that intended.
  • Cookies are used with a third party analytical product on our site called It uses cookies to track how visitors reach our site and the path they take on the site. This also helps us to improve our service to you. None of these cookies are used to personally identify information about you.

  • Cookies are used on this site for the use of analytics to track how visitors reach our site and the path they take on the site. This helps us to improve our service to you. We use the popular Google Analytics, an analytics service provided by Google. Google Analytics makes use of cookies to help us to analyse how our users use the website. If you would like to find out how more about this and how cookies are, please visit Google Privacy site.

  • Cookies are used to view and manage traffic on our Website.

  • Cookies are used to understand how our advertising promotions within the and Graffham Consulting Ltd websites are working in order to make our websites and promotions better. None of these cookies are used to personally identify information about you and none of these cookies pass information onto the third parties that we use.

  • Within our website, related database and singup forms, cookies are used for security in order to protect you and help prevent any fraudulent activity.

We use two types of cookies on this website:

  • Type 1: Persistent Cookies. These cookies stay on your computer device after you have visited our website or related content. These cookies are used to help us to identify you as a particular unique visitor (This is achieved by keeping a store of a number that is created randomly).

    These cookies will stay on your device for a period of time that is dependent on the type of cookie. Cookies used in relation to our websites do not contain personal information and they cannot are are not used to reveal your identify.
  • Type 2: Session Cookies. These cookies are temporary and they only exist in the duration of time that you enter the website. To give a more exact explanation, these cookies exist until you close the browser after entering the website.

  • These session cookies are help to and Graffham Consulting Ltd websites because they remember the choices you made on a previous page, therefore making it possible for you not to have to re-enter information. Cookies used on our websites do not contain personal information and they cannot be used to identify you or our users.

Would you like to delete or control how cookies are used? and Graffham Consulting Ltd do not and will not use cookies to gather identifiable personal information which is related to you or our users.

Should you wish to stop, restrict or control cookies which are used by us or other websites, this can be achieved through your internet browser settings. This may be different according to the particular browser that you use and we suggest that you look at the Help System within your browser for assistance with this.

Useful website: Goto for detailed information on how to control cookies on a variety of different types of browsers. As well as more general information about cookies, this will help provide information on how to remove cookies generated by sites (including this visit). If you are using a portable device, please refer to the user information for that device.

Disclaimer: Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the information contained in this Graffham Consulting Ltd webpage / article is accurate, the material is of a general nature and not intended to be a substitute for specialist advice. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the content of the webpage / article or learning points will be suitable to your circumstances or adequate to meet your particular requirements. Accordingly, we will not be liable for any losses or damages that may arise from the use of learning points from this webpage / article or associated material.

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