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Keeping Children Safe Online Course (Online Level 1)
Duration: Approximately one and a half hours

This online course...

helps you to keep children safe online. Know how to: help keep children safe online; develop online safety awareness; engage with the internet in an appropriate way; minimise risk and help safeguard children from online dangers. Download certificate at end of course. Course Duration: Approximately one and a half hours

Course Overview

Keep children safe online by helping them to developing an awareness of the dangers online and to understand how to minimise the risks. Help them to use social networking safely, including the consequences of risky online behaviours. The course also helps you to consider issues such as Child Sexual Exploitation, radicalisation, children missing education, bullying and gang activity from an online and social networking perspective.

Topics covered include: definitions of safeguarding children online; understanding the risks associated with social networking; developing personal safety awareness online; knowing and understanding dangerous and risky situations and behaviours; how to avoid disclosing personal information; being aware of traps; avoiding cyber bullying and maltreatment. Also included: what to do if you are worried about something or someone online; who to talk to, including help from organisations and agencies; responding appropriately; developing online safeguards at school and at home; online safety tips for teachers and parents. The course also includes case studies and useful information.

Download certificate at end of course.

Course aims

To enable you to:

  • help children to be aware of possible dangers online and with social networking
  • help children to develop risk and safety awareness online
  • know the dangers and potential traps
  • understand and act on cyber bullying
  • help children to speak out if they are concerned
  • take appropriate action
  • understand links with current social concerns including Child Sexual Exploitation
  • develop online safeguards at home and in broader contexts such as school and clubs
  • develop online safety tips for staff in organisations such as schools, and parents

Who is this course for?

Schools, teachers, support staff, parents, youth organisations and clubs, NHS, government bodies, youth charities and organisations, leaders of religious organisations and everyone who wants to develop a knowledge of keeping children safe online.

Course outline

Session 1

  • Setting the scene
  • Online and social networking statistics
  • Definitions
  • A changing world: our ever changing online identities
  • The different ways children engage online
  • Understanding how children think online

Session 2

  • Developing online safety awareness
  • Types of bullying: Cyber and real world
  • Recognising abuse online
  • Safeguarding children online: tools
  • Dealing with disclosures
  • Having concerns about a child or others' behaviour online
  • Responding appropriately

Session 3

  • Protecting children online – your role
  • What online safeguards are in place?
  • Working with others

Session 4

  • Case studies
  • Final thoughts and goals
  • Useful books, links and contacts

Test & Certificate

  • Take short multi choice test (repeat if fail)
  • Download Certificate
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£36 (inc VAT) per person

Keeping Children Safe Online
Duration: Approx 1.5 hours

£36 (inc VAT) per person

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Customer feedback

"The course is easy to navigate and very informative. I've learnt loads and feel more confident with child protection responsibilities and what to do - I would recommend this online course to you." Course: Child Protection Awareness (Online level 1) (England UK version) Mrs A. Poore

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  • It's sometimes difficult to attend a training course. An online course could just be the solution you are looking for.
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  • The test at the end of the course can be re-taken, whilst your subscription is live
  • Download your certificate straight away after completing the course

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: Is this training course online?

Answer: Yes, this is online training

Question: How long does it take to complete
These courses

Answer: It takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete

Question: Do I get a certificate?

Answer: Yes, after passing the test at the end of th course

Question: Do you do face to face training


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