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Do I need to complete the Child Protection Levels 1 and 2 courses first?

by Andydo
(Essex, UK)

The courses build on each other and the content of the level 3 course assumes a good understanding of level 1 and 2, otherwise it would be quite easy to get lost in the level 3 course. If you are not sure, please do contact us and we will help you to find the most appropriate course or courses for you.

The level 1 Child Protection Awareness course gives you a basic understanding of safeguarding, signs and symptoms, 'what to do if', how to respond etc.

The Level 2 course gives you a more advanced knowledge of safeguarding issues and how to respond including Defining Safeguarding, significant-harm, abusive-behaviour, Every Child Matters (Current Status), Recognising-abuse, reporting, referrals (Section 47), consent, vulnerability, the law, multi-agency approach, policies / procedures, CRB-Disclosures, The Designated Person / Child Protection Officers explained, recruitment & allegations against professionals.

The level 3 course is for Designated Persons, Designated Senior Teachers / Staff, Child Protection Officers (CPOs) and those responsible for Safeguarding within their organisation or school / college.

In summary, you do need to complete the Child Protection Levels 1 and 2 courses first.

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Sep 27, 2013
CP Levels 1, 2 & 3 for my job
by: Anonymous

Thanks for showing me how these course levels work.

Okay, so the classes build on each other and the CP level 3 content assumes a full knowledge of level 1 and 2 whIch I can do with you. I'll take a look at these first and then the level 3 Child Protection course. I need to be up to Designated Person Level 3 standard for my job as the CPO.

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