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The Online Child Protection course was Great! I found it most informative. I did it from home

by Graham

Hey, many thanks for all your help. The course was great! I found it most informative and as I am a very busy person, I appreciated that I could complete it at home in such a short time. I've got my certificate right here.

I love your online training portal, it is so easy to use and I found the sign up quick and simple. I took the test at the end and downloaded my certificate. It wasn't too difficult.

I'm glad you can re-take the test at the end. I didn't actually need to but just being able to re-take it took the pressure off me.

The course is very professional and the screens are easy to navigate and easy to read. I like the way the presenter character slides in from the side to deliver the content and then you hit the Next button to move onto the next screen - Easy!

The course gave me a good grounding in Child Protection Awareness, what to think, how to react, what to do, what not to do, what to do next. I feel more confident in this area now.

I didn't realise that there are different types of child abuse and this course gave me a good overview of what to look for if a situation arises.

I certainly feel more equipped to do my job and I would recommend this online Child Protection Course to anyone who works with children - thanks again!

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Feb 06, 2014
Thanks for the feedback, that's helpful
by: Andy

Hi Graham, thanks for the feedback. It's always helpful for us to hear how our customers experience our online training. I am glad it worked well for you. The online level 1 course is very popular.

You might also like to try our online level 2 course, now that you've completed the level 1.

Here's a link:

Online Child Protection Advanced Course Level 2

This course will give you an advanced level of child protection and will prepare you for our level 3 face-to-face course if you do that at a later date.

Thanks again for your feedback!

All the best, Andy.

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Royal Ballet School
'The trainer was brilliant, I learnt everything I needed to know. I found the day interesting, informative, and very enjoyable. The course surpassed my expectations, I learnt to be more aware and thorough, and to know my responsibilities. The course was definitely value for money.'

BBC Clubs

'The trainer was excellent, great communication, knowledge, and explained every detail. The sessions included a lot of useful explanations of issues and topics. The course very much met my expectations, very much value for money.'

Braeside School
'The trainer was excellent and I learnt good practical advice on how to proceed. The sessions were very useful and this Child Protection course will enable me to take up my role in September. The course was value for money.'

'The sessions were very good. The trainer was informative and there was a strong interaction with the students. The venue, refreshments and food were very good and the course was value for money.'

London Independent Hospital 
'The course more than met my expectations, to gain more understanding of the whole realm of child protection. I learnt loads. The sessions were very useful, the trainer was really good and I loved the interaction'

Glenarm College
'The trainer was excellent, I can't wait to do level 2. All the sessions were useful and I learnt more about Child Protection issues and how to deal with them. The course was value for money.'

Pavilion Nursery
'Excellent Trainer. I really did get a lot out of this.'

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